Regional Conference: Empowering the Feminist Approach to Intergenerational Trauma

Today, an inspiring regional conference titled “Empowering the Feminist Approach to Intergenerational Trauma – Perspectives of Women who Survived Wartime Sexual Violence” took place in Sarajevo. The organizers of this significant event were Medica Zenica and Vive Žene from Bosnia and Herzegovina, in collaboration with non-governmental organizations from Serbia, Kosovo, and Germany.

🌐 The conference brought together experts, activists, and human rights advocates from across the region, creating a space for dialogue and collective reflection on intergenerational traumas caused by wartime sexual violence.

🔗 This important event represents a step forward in connecting feminist perspectives with the issue of intergenerational traumas, providing insights into the specific experiences of women who survived wartime sexual violence and paving the way for improving support and understanding.

💬 Participants shared their experiences, research, and best practices, encouraging profound reflections on the needs of survivors and strengthening the network of collaboration among organizations addressing this sensitive issue.

🙏 We extend our gratitude to all participants, partners, and organizers for their commitment and contribution to creating this essential platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

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