Life without violence, a future without fear

Our vision is a life for women and children without violence and discrimination, ensuring full equality in family and society. Stop violence against women!

The beginning was not easy, but the changes are visible, and we continue forward.

- Founding Assembly 1993

Need, support, protection

“Medica” Zenica is a specialized women’s organization operating throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina for a full 30 years, seeking to address the needs of the most vulnerable categories—women and children who survived rape and sexual violence during the war, domestic violence, and societal violence. Following the needs and voices of women and children with professional expertise, it has developed a comprehensive multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach based on feminist principles and international standards.

Our vision is a life for women and children without violence and discrimination, ensuring full equality in family and society.

Medica services for you, for all of us

Care, support, protection, strength for each new day without violence, without fear.

Safe House

Medica’s Safe House provides refuge for women and children victims of violence, offering them a safe space for recovery and building a new life.

Children's Corner

The Children’s Corner is a special space within Medica, tailored to the needs of children, ensuring a safe environment for play and learning.

Psychological Counseling

Psychological Counseling provides professional support to individuals facing emotional challenges, providing them with tools to cope with difficulties.


Medica’s Legal Counseling provides legal information and support to women, helping them protect their rights and achieve justice.

Occupational Therapy and Economic Empowering

Medica’s special program helps women acquire skills, build confidence, and achieve business competencies and economic independence.

Empowered Miracle Corner

A special space combining support, education, and community to help women find strength and inspiration on their path to recovery.

Medica Headquarters 24/7 open for your call 032 463 920

Medica Headquarters 24/7 open for your call 032 463 920

Report violence now!

“Medica” Zenica has established the first unique helpline in BiH to support and assist survivors of wartime rape and sexual violence and their family members – 080 02 23 34 (active 24/7 throughout BiH).


SOS Phone in FBiH

032 463 920

Medica Headquarters

080 022 334

24h active line

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Results and Achievements

Over 30 years of dedicated work, “Medica” Zenica has achieved significant impact through concrete numbers that attest to their commitment to supporting and empowering women and children who have experienced the trauma of violence. Presenting these figures not only quantifies their efforts but also clearly indicates the deep and positive impact of their work on the community.

0 +
years of work
empowered children
therapy sessions
economically empower
Safe House users
legal advice
psychological counsel
medical services
empowered women

How to support Medica's work

In anticipation of your understanding and consideration of the needs of our users, we thank you for your trust and cooperation.

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For questions, suggestions, reports, collaboration

Fill out the contact form or call us directly. Your voice is important, and we are here to listen.

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Medica Headquarters


Award: Woman of the World

November 19, 2014 - Natural History Museum New York

This global award and recognition were given to Sabiha Husić for her exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to helping women and children victims/survivors of wartime and post-war violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as for her work in raising awareness about violence against women as a crisis the world is currently facing.

During the award ceremony, Amjad Atallah, co-founder of Women for Women International, and Angelina Jolie, UNHCR Special Envoy, spoke about Sabiha Husić’s exceptional and dedicated work and achievements.

Safe House

“Medica” Zenica provides suitable accommodation for women, girls, and children traumatized by violence during their recovery process. Staying in the Safe House includes appropriate professional assistance through individual and group therapy, counseling, family therapy, occupational therapy, medical care, legal assistance, and economic empowerment through participation in existing six-month vocational training programs.

The total number of individuals accommodated in the Safe House “Medica” Zenica from April 1993 to the end of December 2023 is 3,000.