Working towards dignity, 20 years of struggle for dignity of survivors of war rape

On the occasion of marking 20 years of existing and work of „Medica“ Zenica and medica mondiale from Cologne, on the 23th and 24th of October an International conference with the title „Working towards dignity, 20 years of struggle for dignity of survivors of war rape“ was organized.
The conference was held in the city of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where „Medica“ Zenica was established on the initiative of Monika Hauser on the 3rd of April 1993.  

The conference was organized by mutual cooperation of „Medica“ Zenica and medica mondiale with the aim of evaluation and discussion about the results of providing help and support to survivors of war rape in the last twenty years, as well as defining further steps and future challenges in the work with war sexual violence and improving visibility of work of “Medica” Zenica and medica mondiale on the state and international level.  

This two-day conference was attended by total amount of 175 persons from all over the World (Afghanistan, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Jordan, Kosovo, Liberia, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, United states of America and Bosnia and Herzegovina).  

Participants of the Conference were representatives of civil society organizations, women’s organizations that work in the field of war sexual violence on women and girls, activists ¬for women’s rights, survivors of war rape, witnesses, academics, and representatives of government institutions.  

On the first day, they were participants, speakers, representatives of government institutions, international and state NGOs and activists. On the second day there were representatives of organizations, NGOs and activists.  

Two day conference was followed and reported by local media. On the occasion of the Conference, on 22th of October 2013, press conference was organized. The director and therapist of „Medica“ Zenica Sabiha Husić and Monika Huser,founder of “Medica” Zenica and medica mondiale from Cologne attended the press conference.