Three-day education for women and girls from 20 rural areas

In the period form 19th to 21th of June 2013,”Medica” Zenica held three-day education for women and girls from 20 rural areas on the themes from the area of women’s rights and their political participation. Participants of the workshops, 43 of them were representatives from 20 rural areas (Briznik, Arnauti, Lokvine , Vrselje, Orahovica , Babino, Drugavci, Begov Han, Kolići, Smajići, Starina, Jastrebac, Vukotići, Šerići, Bistrica, Kovači, Janjići,Vranduk , Zabrce i Stranjani ) where last five years courses for tailoring/sewing, upholstery, hairdressing and educational-supportive workshops with the aim of economic and psychological empowerment of women from rural
areas were taking place.

During the last day of education, the participation of women in the processes of making decisions was especially emphasized and representative of Zenica Municipality, Ms Dževdana Brajić presented procedures for holding elections in the local communities as well as the way how women and girls can took place and be candidates for positions in the Comity of local community.

During two-day education, it was emphasized that women have to be more active in local communities as well as to be mutually active. They also have to be self-confident and strong, not to worry about negative comments of community. They have to show that they are strong enough and that negative comments does not affect them.

“If I had been invited to this education before I attended courses, I wouldn’t be brave enough to accept it because in our village everyone ask where I am going and why. But, after I finished the course I became stronger and self-confident” said. -one of the participants

Women and girls from rural areas will share their knowledge in their rural areas, after they all finish this education.