The director of „Medica“ Zenica participated on Global Summit to end sexual violence

Samit London
Samit London

In the period from 10th to 13th of June 2014, the director of „Medica“ Zenica, MA Sabiha Husic participated on Global Summit to end sexual violence in London. On the day of 10th of June 2014, the director of “Medica” Zenica together with British Foreign Secretary William Hague an Special Representative of UNHCR Angelina Jolie, met with British Prime Minister David Cameron at the meeting dedicated with the initiative for The end of sexual violence in conflict.
The meeting was attended by a reporter of the United Nations (UN) for sexual violence in conflict Zainab Hawa Bangura as well as two representatives of NGOs from Uganda and Cameroon. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the expectations of the Summit and future activities.  

Also, during the Summit to end sexual violence in conflict, the director of „Medica“ Zenica participates in Panel discussion led by medica mondiale. It was an opportunity to meet visitor about the beginning of work with women survivors rape and sexual violence during the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period from 1992 to 1995 and presented examples of good practice during twenty year old work.

During this stay in London, Sabiha Husic met representatives of the Conservative Party in order to agree the details regarding several day visit of “Medica” Zenica and continuing of the cooperation as well as about the possibilities of support for work of “Medica” Zenica during construction of new building “Resource-consultative center for survivors of war rape in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. Also, Sabiha Husic met Syrian delegation to which she has presented the work of “Medica” Zenica with the focus on helping women to speak up about the rape from the experience of work with survivors of war rape.  

During the creative part of Summit called “Fringe”, which was held from 10th to 12th of June 2014 and was intended for NGOs which work with survivors of sexual violence in conflict to present their organizations and work through art, movie, discussion and sales exhibition, “Medica” Zenica presented work of women survivors from Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the work of other NGOs from this field such as:Vive Žene Tuzla, Udruženje „Žena-žrtva rata“ Sarajevo, Udruženje „Naš glas“ Tuzla, „Udružene“ Sarajevo, Fondacija lokalne demokratije i „Amica Educa“ Tuzla. For this opportunity “Medica” Zenica published leaflet about mentioned organizations which certainly present important resources for help and professional care to survivors of war rape trauma, but especially trauma of rape in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

Special Representative of UNHCR Angelina Jolie visited exhibition of “Medica” Zenica and with congratulations for outstanding work of “Medica” Zenica, supported exhibition with buying of goods of women and girls survivors of sexual violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Global Summit is a historical event where experts, ministers, representatives of civil society from more than 150 countries share experiences and learn from each other. All of them have unique opinion that it is time to react, stop violence, punish the perpetrators and provide justice and dignified life for survivors of sexual violence.