Statistics about work of Medica Zenica since establishment in April 1993 until the end of June 2018

Residential accommodation in Medica safe houses (Zenica i Visoko)
Women 1 351
Children 840
Men 2
Psychological counselling center – since 1993 until the end of June 2018
Persons (women, children and men) 7 397
Sessions with women and children 25 508
Sessions with men 849
Total number of all therapy sessions 26 357
Educational & therapy outreach work
Total number of persons participating in work and processes of education & therapy groups 1 437
Legal counseling in the period from 01.01.2013 to 31.12.2016.
Persons 8 (women and men) 243
Counseling sessions – women 264
Counseling sessions – men 50
Total number of all legal advice provided 557
Medical care and support in “Medica” Zenica
Number of all examinations and services in all segments of Medica’s medical care 108 629
Gynaecological Unit; April 1993 to end of 2006.
Persons (Opened medical files and registered first visits through books of protocol) 8 569
Number of gynecological examinations, services, and sessions in medical counseling center 64 687
General practice
Number of examinations and services 12 773
Internal medicine diagnostic work(US of abdomen and of kidneys)
Number of examinations and services 5 384
Medical outreach work-Ambulance “Marta” (until the end of 2010) 
Gynaecological examinations and diagnostics 12 411
General practice and internal medical examinations and diagnostics 3 172
Medical services in the safe house in 2010 1 264
Medica kinder house ( until the end of 2010)
Children who took part in the educational work and other activities in Medica Zenica 757
Children who attended educational-creative workshops in”Medica” and other organizations and institutions, and rural areas 1.138
Drop in center Medica Zenica (23.08.2011. – 30.06.2018.)
Children who were beneficiaries of Drop in center 433
Shelter of  Medica Zenica (23.08.2011. – 24.04.2013.)
Children who were beneficiaries of Shelter 17
Support in education-formal education and vocational trainings
High school candidates-regular schooling and overage students- 123
University students 11
Vocational training courses 1368
SOS line for women and children affected by violence (since May 1998 until the end of  June 2018)
Total number of calls received (related to violence cases, legal advice, and other issues) 3 955
Educational  work
Professionals (police, centres for social work, health workers, judiciary, media workers, education workers: teachers, preschool teachers and professors, and employees of governmental institutions) 4 961
NGOs and civil society activists 3 705
Youth (pupils and university students) 2 690
Total persons-participants trained 11 356