Public debate with candidates for mayor of Zenica municipality

On Monday, 24th of September 2012 “Medica” Zenica organized public debate with candidates for mayor of Zenica municipality with the theme “Citizens satisfaction with the quality of public services” in Zenica. The research took place in the period from March until May of this year. There were 1241 households questioned in 72 local communities.

This was the special occasion for female citizens who were participants of our workshops to direct questions about local communities to candidates for  mayor of Zenica municipality (Mr Faik Uzunović, Mr Husein Smajlović, Mr Munib Huseinagić and Mr Ismet Sarajlić), so that after the elections in October they could monitor if their promises were real,  that is in what amount the quality of public services is being applied and being improved and in what amount they contribute to the quality of life for citizens of Zenica Municipality. The director of “Medica” Zenica, mr.sci. Sabiha Husic, presented the research to the audience.