If you need, visit the Psychological Counseling Center "Medice" Zenica, which provides:

  • Individual and group therapeutic work
  • Counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Counseling and therapeutic work with children
  • Work with male family members using family systemic therapy
  • Working with partners / spouses of violent behavior

The most common reasons for reporting to the Psychological Counseling Center "Medice" Zenica are: trauma (war and peacetime), rape (war and peacetime circumstances), domestic violence, the consequences of human trafficking, incest, various psychological disorders, stress, difficulties in child development, single mothers, social issues, and migrants are appearing to us more and more often.

Psychological counseling "Medice" Zenica in the past 28 years 7,581  person.

Ukupan broj terapijskih sesija održanih sa ženama, djecom i muškarcima za proteklih 28 godina iznosio je 26,790, from that876 terapijske sesije sa korisnicima – muškarcima.

U periodu od januara do decembra 2020. godine u psihološkom savjetovalištu “Medica” Zenica po prvi put se obratilo ukupno 47 osobe, and the total number of therapeutic treatments / sessions was137 sesija.