Psychological counseling

The reasons beneficiaries approach our counseling center for assistance and support are very similar to the reasons they apply for being sheltered in safe house. The most frequent problems our clients express when applying for counseling sessions are: trauma events (in war time or post war period), rape (war related or in post war period), consequences of trafficking in human beings, incest, various psychological problems, stress, developmental disorders and difficulties of children, domestic violence, single motherhood issue, refugee problem, returnees’ issues, social issues etc.

Psychological counseling center provides clients with the following services:
•    individual and group therapy work
•    counseling
•    family therapy
•    therapy work with children
•    work with male family members within family therapy counseling
•    work with violent partner/perpetrators

“Medica” Counseling center works every working day.

Throughout the period of  26 years “Medica” Psychological counseling center was approached by 7 443  persons.

There was a total of 26 466 therapy sessions held with women, children, and men throughout the period of 26 years, out of which 853  therapy sessions with male beneficiaries.
In the period January-June 2018 the psychological couseling center was approached for the first time by 93  persons, and the total number of therapy sessions was 189.