Project presentation and certificate awarding for graduates of vocational training

On 13.04.2012, in the premises of the Association “Medica” Zenica a presentation of the project “Vocational Training
of marginalized children and youth in BiH” supported by the Save the Children Norway and the awarding of
certificates for 28 graduates of the vocational training from Zenica, Visoko and Kakanj, were organized.
The graduates received the certificates for tailoring / sewing, upholstery and hairdressing course. The certificate
awarding ceremony and the presentation of results was also attended by the Minister for Labour, Social Affairs and
Refugees of Zenica Dboj Canton, Mr.. Mirko Trifunović along with three associates, Deputy Mayor of Zenica, Zijad
Softic, head of the Bureau for employment within Employment Agency of Zenica Doboj Canton, Mrs. Alma Bradarac
representatives of the Save the Children Norway, Center for Social Work Zenica and friends of “Medica” Zenica
and the media

In their speecehes, Mr. Mirko Trifunović and Zijad Softić emphasized the importance of “Medica” Zenica, which has
always followed the needs of the community and its target groups. Mr. Zijad Softic stressed that “Medica” Zenica is
a leading organization in the area of Zenica in the number of implemented activities and projects, as well as the
amount of funds that “Medica” Zenica each year brings to Zenica as well as in the number of employees.

Guests were addressed by Fatima Smajlovic representative of the Save the Children Norway, an international
organization that has supported the pilot project of “Medica” Zenica, and announced that the project activities do
not end with the awarding of certificates, but in the next period the training to start their own businesses and training
on life skills will be organized