Advocacy and lobbying

Within the advocacy segment, one of the goals of Medica Zenica is to influence and propose amendments to legal acts that ensure the improvement of the status of survivors of war trauma and violence in peacetime in accordance with international standards in this area. Medica is therefore a member of a number of working bodies and advocacy networks in BiH that participate in the development of relevant strategies and laws that cover this issue. In addition, it develops the public relations segment through informative and promotional presentation of the entire work of the Medica program in the community and beyond, through the reception of various visits from the country and abroad, through organizing various events, and through contacts with media, institutions and NGOs in the country and abroad. . The cooperation of Medica Zenica with the relevant institutions in the community is reflected in the advocacy work, but also in the signing of protocols on the institutionalization of mutual cooperation and the use of existing resources of Medica Zenica and relevant institutions in BiH, according to the needs of users. (See "Cooperation" for more details).

The field of medical advocacy, among other things, includes the following activities:

      • Participation in working groups composed of representatives of institutions and NGOs
      • Writing open letters, proposals for amendments to the law
      • Proposing legal amendments
      • Organizing forums, conferences, public campaigns
      • Media appearances and communication with the media
      • Public, ceremonial awarding of certificates for women and girls from rural as well as from urban areas
      • Targeted campaigns (16 days of activism, volunteer day, children's week, elections, etc.)
      • Correspondence, meetings and constant communication with government institutions at all levels
      • Receptions and visits from BiH and abroad
      • Development and publication of informative, presentation and educational content, as well as research on trauma, violence, communication, non-violent conflict resolution, culture of dialogue, interreligious and multireligious dialogue, peace and reconciliation, burnout, human rights, public relations, (manuals, brochures calendars, greeting cards, posters, leaflets, planners, pens, T-shirts, badges, etc.) We remind you that Medica Zenica has been continuously advocating for 18 years: • For the rights of women survivors of war rape; survivors of domestic and other forms of violence, as well as for the rights of victims of trafficking
      • For human rights and gender equality
      • For a more adequate status of a safe house (and other safe houses in BiH) and psychological counseling Medica Zenica, (since the beginning of 2007)
      • Every year, Medica Zenica participates in the international campaign "16 days of activism against gender-based violence" to carry out activities on networking of institutions in the field of social protection.
      • Sastanak sa Komesarkom za ljudska prava o Tranzicijskoj pravdi

Visits to Medica Zenica

“Medicu” Zenica su do 2021. godine posjetili predstavnici institucija, domaćih i međunarodnih organizacija:

      • Monika Hauser - President of the Executive Board of Medica Mondiale
      • Godelive Mukasarasi, director of SEVOTA in Rwanda
      • Representatives of the organization Remembering Srebrenica from Great Britain
      • A group of theologians, doctors from Germany
      • Representatives of Diyanet CH from Turkey
      • Representatives from Great Britain who work in the field of health
      • Students of the Catholic Academy from Austria
      • Students of the Islamic Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Zenica - Department of Social Pedagogy
      • Students of the Medical Faculty in Zenica
      • Professors and students of Elči Ibrahim-paša's madrasa in Travnik
      • Representatives of SBERBANK from Zenica
      • Representatives of the Independent Bloc
      • Lejla Bajramović and presentation of handicrafts
      • Representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Social Policy and Refugees of ZDK and the Commission for Gender Equality of ZDK
      • Cristiana Barela and Glorija Alić from the OSCE Office in Travnik
      • Representatives of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy
      • Barbara Horstman from the World Cup
      • Representatives of TIKE, Turkey
      • Experts from the European Commission, in the field of human trafficking from the Netherlands
      • Matthew Field, Britanski ambasador u Bosni i Hercegovini
      • Lord Ahmad od Wimbledona, specijalni izaslanik britanskog premijera za sprečavanje seksualnog nasilja u konfliktu