New Law on protection from domestic violence presented to commanders of uniformed police in Zenica Doboj Canton

Chief of sector of uniformed police Mr. Semir Šut after round table about implementation of protection measures for  perpetrators of violence, and after presentation of director of “Medica” Zenica , Sabiha Husic M.Sc. about Protection of victims of domestic violence and implementation of the new Law on protection from domestic violence in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina held on 30th of May 2013,  initiated that “Medica” Zenica, precisely Sabiha Husić, M.Sc. present again on 31st of May 2013 in premises of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Zenica Doboj Canton for commanders of police stations of Zenica Doboj Canton.Roun d table was organized in cooperation with “Medica” Zenica, Public health institution for combating addiction of Zenica Doboj Canton and OSCE. Director of “Medica” Zenica, Sabiha Husić, M.Sc. within presentation of the Law that was passed in March 2013 emphasized provisions on protection measures

The meeting was led by the chief of the  sector of uniformed police Mr. Semir Šut who marked that police officers will act within mentioned provisions which primarily are aimed at  protection of psychological and physical integrity of victims of domestic violence.Before the presentation the Minister of Internal affairs, Mr. Rifat  Delić, had a short meeting with the Director of “Medica” Zenica  Sabiha Husić They discussed about previous cooperation, protection of victims of domestic violence as well as about the continuation of successful cooperation with respect of new Law orders, human rights and freedoms.