Network for support to victims/witnesses established and Protocol signed in Central Bosnia Canton

On 14.06.2012, in the building of the Government of Central Bosnia Medica Zenica in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and Administration of CBC organized signing of the “Protocol on mutual cooperation of relevant ministries, institutions and NGOs in providing
support to victims / witnesses in war crime cases, sexual violence and other forms of criminal offenses through established network on the territory of Central Bosnia Canton, “and the award of certificates of gratitude to the signatories and members of the Working group. The working group has actively for seven months worked on the drafting of the Protocol, which was then sent
to all ministries, institutions and NGOs for the opinion and approval for the signing. The Government of Central Bosnia Canton at the 15th session held on 30.05.2012, gave approval for the signing of the Protocol.
By establishing the network of support to victims / witnesses in CBC through signing of the Protocol based on example of good practice from Zenica-Doboj Canton, the second network in BiH and in the region was established. The signing of the Protocol in the CBC was attended by
distinguished guests such as Tahir Lendo, Prime minister of Central Bosnia Canton and representative of medica mondiale from Germany, Ms. Ara Stileau.

The signatories of the Protocol are:
1. Ministry of Justice and Administration CBC
2. Ministry of Internal Affairs CBC
3. Ministry of Health and Social Policy CBC
4. Cantonal Court in Novi Travnik

5. Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of CBC
6. Municipal Court in Travnik
7. Municipal Court in Bugojno
8. Municipal Court in Kiseljak
9. NGO “Medica” Zenica
10. Regional Lawyers’ Chamber Zenica
11. Croatian Association of Detainees in Central Bosnia Canton
12. Union of Associations of Detainees of Central Bosnia Canton