Ministers of Zenica Doboj Canton visited Medica Zenica

Ministrice Vlade ZDK u posjeti Medici Zenica
Ministrice Vlade ZDK u posjeti Medici Zenica

On February 21st 2012, three ministers, Ms. Amra Babić- Minister of Finance, Ms. Senka Balorda- Minister of Health, Ms. Bernadeta Galijašević-Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and Ms. Berjana Ačkar- Secretary of the Government of Zenica – Doboj Canton paid a visit to ‘Medica’ Zenica.

During their visit, the guests together with the director of ‘Medica’ Sabiha Husic, M. Sc.,talked about the long-term work and experiences of ‘Medica’, examples of good practice, good cooperation between ‘Medica’ Zenica and Zenica-Doboj Canton in development of transitional
solutions for adequate care for victims of violence as well as the Amendments to the Law on Social Protection , which are recognized and presented not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also wider. It is important to note that the Amendments on the Law on Social Protection Zenica Doboj Canton recognizes the victims of violence as a social category, but also gives a definition of who the victims are, which rights they have as well as provides the temporary accommodation of the victims of domestic violence in the safe house.

The guests noted that the work of ‘Medica’ has evolved and the scope of the action has developed over the time in order to comprehensively satisfy the needs of the community, but especially its most vulnerable groups in the community and to make the best solutions and  models of victim protection and prevention of violence and trauma. ‘Medica’ Zenica in partnership with NGOs and government institutions as well as the international organizations, advocates for a dignified life without violence and discrimination and contributes to creation of policies and strategies that create environment where each individual has equal opportunities for both, the family and the community, in accordance with international standards.