Medical care

For the past 26 years the number of all forms of medical checkups and services is 108 821.
Since January 2008, medical care for women and children accommodated in the safe house is being provided free of charge at the Cantonal Hospital Zenica, thanks to a protocol signed by “Medica” Zenica and the Cantonal Hospital Zenica.
From 1993 to 2006 within Medica’s health station clients received primary health care, gynecological and internal medicine examinations:
The number of gynecological examinations and services including the work of the counseling office is 64,687.
The number of examinations and primary health care services is 12,773.
The number of internal medicine examinations is 5,384.

At the same time the medical team did field work in rural areas, providing medical checkups thanks to our mobile clinic “Marta”.