Media coverage and visibility of the work

In the reporting period (01.01.-31.12.2018), the work and achievements of Medica Zenica were covered by more than 70 foreign and domestic media. Medica Zenica created a new website in April 2018 and it was visited a total of 20,522 times in the period April-December 2018. Visitors to the website are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, the United States, Ukraine, China, Germany, Italy, Canada, Turkey, Poland, Brazil, India, Thailand, Great Britain, Serbia, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Egypt, Indonesia, Romania, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines, etc.

The social network

In June 2015, Medica Zenica also opened Facebook page - Medica Zenica. Until December 2020, the Facebook page "Medice" Zenica has a total 3,380 fan.

Since March 2016, “Medica” Zenica has launched a Facebook page called Medica Zenica- An empowered miracle corner, which until December 2020 has 1,435 fan.

Since June 2015, "Medica" Zenica has opened and You Tube Medica Zenica channel. In addition to the youtube channel, video content is also published directly through the official Facebook pages of "Medice" Zenica. The total number of views of video content in the period January - December 2020 is 3520views.

Cooperation and networking

Medica Zenica is a member of a number of working bodies and advocacy networks in BiH, the region and the world, including: Safe Network, Peacebuilding Network, Agreement Plus Network, Older Brother, Older Sister of BiH, Informal Women's Network of BiH, which initiated letter of affiliation of non-governmental organizations in the European Women's Lobby, EPIL, WAVE, etc.…