In October 2013, International conference in Zenica on the occasion of marking 20 years of work of Medica Zenica

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of work and existence of „Medica“ Zenica and
medica mondiale from Cologne, in autumn 2013, „Medica“ Zenica and medica mondiale will
organize a two-day international conference titled „From the initiative to a professional
service – 20 years of work with women and girls traumatized from war”. As a reminder,
„Medica“ Zenica was established on April 3rd, 1993.

The conference will be held on October 23rd and 24th, 2013 at hotel “Zenica” in Zenica.

Aims of conference are:

– To share and discuss results from two decades of support to survivors of conflict related
sexual violence;
– To acknowledge problems and obstacles faced during the implementation of activities;
– To draw conclusions and lessons learned;
– Next steps and future challenges of the work on conflict related sexual violence;
– And to increase the visibility of “Medica” Zenica’s and medica mondiale’s work at national
and international levels

Apart from Sabiha Husić, M.Sc., director and therapist in “Medica” Zenica since 1993, and Dr
Monika Hauser
the founder of “Medica” Zenica and medica mondiale from Cologne, the speakers at the
conference will be relevant and prominent persons in the field of conflict related sexual violence
from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.

The conference will be attended by: – Representatives of civil society organizations, women’s NGOs working in the field of conflict related sexual violence against women and girls, activists for women’s rights, – Survivors of sexual violence and witnesses, – Academics – Representatives of government institutions and agencies