Hear Me Too: End violence against women and girls – race with the best Bosnian athlete, AmelTuka, for combating gender based violence

This year on the occasion of the campaign „16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence“, „Medica“ Zenica in cooperation with the Sports school “Winner” paid special attention to the necessity of preventing violence against women and girls through the campaign called “Hear Me Too and End Violence against Women and Girls”.

The campaign started on 26th of November 2018 at the Athlete Stadium Kamberovića Polje in Zenica where several hundreds of citizens cheered more than 250 children and citizens who participated in the race with the best Bosnian athlete and world’s ambassador AmelTuka and Amina Pivić. On that occasion Amel Tuka said: „Let’s protect and respect our mothers, sisters. Let’s starts from ourselves and spread love, do good things and deeds and let’s give promises to ourselves that we will not commit violence but will do everything to prevent violence against women and girls“.

Director of „Medica“ Zenica pointed out that every person has to think about how he/she can prevent violence against women and girls and to confess that violence is present and that one in three women is exposed to some form of violence. Instead of violence against women and girls, we need to create conditions to have strong women because without strong women we cannot have strong families or communities.