H.E. Nigel Casey, Ambassador of Great Britain in BiH, visited Medica Zenica

On 30th October, 2013, H.E. Nigel Casey, Ambassador of Great Britain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, visited the Association „Medica“ Zenica. Mr. Casey spoke with the director of „Medica“ Zenica, Sabiha Husić, M.Sc., about the conference on the occasion of 20 years of work and activities of „Medica“ Zenica, message to „Medica“ Zenica written by Mr. William Hague, UK Foreign Secretary and Ms. Angelina Jolie, UNHCR Special Envoy.

„For 20 years Medica Zenica has  been a lifeline for survivors of wartime sexual violence in Bosnia-Herzegovina. We applaud and strongly support your work.“– it is stated in the message by Mr. William Hague and Ms. Angelina Jolie,  Co-Founders of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative

Mr. Casey and Ms. Husić focused their conversation on the needs of survivors, what are the difficulties and problems the survivors are faced with in their attempts to achieve a minimum of justice in a dignified manner. Also, during the meeting it was discussed about future activities of „Medica“ Zenica in cooperation with the Embassy of Great Britain in BiH, relating to development of the best possible conditions for creation of atmosphere that will provide that survivors of war rapes and other forms of traumas to feel safe, supported, protected and to achieve their rights with dignity.

The message in Bosnian language from the Foreign Secretary William Hague and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie for the Medica Zenica Conference .