Established institutional network for support to victims/witnesses through signing the Protocol in Una Sana Canton


On the day of 27th of June 2013, the “Protocol on mutual cooperation of relevant ministries,municipalities, institutions, agencies and non-governmental organizations in providing support to victims/witnesses in cases of war crimes, sexual violence and other crimes,established by institutional network in the area of Una Sana Canton” was signed in the Conference hall of Assembly of Una Sana Canton. There were members of Working group,distinguished guests and the media .

The Protocol was signed by 22 relevant actors:

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ministry of Justice and Administration
Ministry of Health and Social Policy
Cantonal Prosecution of Una Sana Canton
Cantonal court in Bihać
Department for free legal help in Una Sana Canton

The Municipality of Bihać
The Municipality of Bosanska Krupa
The Municipality of Bosanski Petrovac
The Municipality of Bužim
The Municipality of Cazin
The Municipality of Ključ
The Municipality of Sanski Most
Municipal Court in Bihać
Municipal Court in Bosanska Krupa
Municipal Court in Cazin
Municipal Court in Sanski Most

Municipal Court in Velika Kladuša
Association „Žene sa Une“ Bihać
Association of women from Prijedor “Izvor” Prijedor
Association “Medica”Zenica
Association „ŽENA – ŽRTVA RATA“

Also, at the end of the ceremony of signing the Protocol, the letters of thanks were awarded to ministries, institutions, organizations which named their representatives for Working group which was actively working on the Protocol during the last six months.