Empowering workshops for women and girls in rural areas of Zenica municipality

Radionice sa zenama u ruralnim sredinama
Radionice sa zenama u ruralnim sredinama

 Association “Medica” Zenica, within the campaign “Vote for Women” which is being implemented in 14 cities of BiH, in partnership with 23 organizations, organized and held 12 empowering workshops in 4 rural areas of the municipality of Zenica (3 workshops in Begov
Han, 3 workshops in Orahovica, 3 workshops in Stranjani and 3 workshops in Babino) for a total of 85 women and girls. Educational workshops were held with the aim of empowering women in rural communities for active participation in the upcoming local elections in October 2012th , and the topics discussed were: the expectations of participants from workshop, the basics of communication and means of communication with politicians , past experiences and expectations from the upcoming elections, the jurisdiction of local communities, women’s human rights.

The participants at the end of workshops expressed satisfaction and pointed out that the most important thing for them was that they received information about the jurisdiction of a local community because, as they said, they often thought that local (municipal), cantonal and federal jurisdiction is the same and that politicians at all levels of authority are responsible for them.

They also pointed out that their basic human rights are often violated and denied starting from the basic human right to choose: ” helped me to think of who I’ll vote this time for and follow programs of politicians. ” The women pointed out that this year they will support and vote for women on electoral lists, but also that they expect politicians’ programs to follow the real needs of the community and to be realistic. ” They don’t need to promise us jobs or appartments, but they should provide for children transportation from village to schools and reduce the ticket price”. 

In the next period, “Medica” Zenica continues with empowering workshops in rural areas.

Radionice osnaživanja za žene i djevojke u ruralnim sredinama općine Zenica