Economic empowerment and psychosocial education

Medica Zenica in partnership with Zenica Municipality and thanks to financial support
from the organization Christlicher Friedensdiens, Bern, Switzerland, is currently
implementing a project called “Economic empowerment and psychosocial education” for
women and girls in local communities Arnauti and Briznik.
Upon completed survey with women and girls living on the territory of 8 local
communities, the aforementioned locations were chosen based on the examinees’ level
of interest.
Economic empowerment is organized through continuous six-month courses of tailoring, sewing and upholstering,
after which attendants take a final exam upon which they receive a certificate of the acquired skill. Course
instructors are from Medica and their names are Mujesira Ćuruković (tailoring and sewing) and Hava Brandić
Along with vocational courses, women attend psychosocial workshops on psychological consequences and
prevention of violence; how to recognize violent behavior and who to turn to for help and support. Educational
sessions are conducted by Medica’s therapists Aida Bajrić and Lejla Heremić.