Economic empowerment is one of the "Medical" services that seeks to help women reach a safer life, to look for work or to provide themselves with basic financial means for life. It is about acquiring practical knowledge and skills such as: tailoring, sewing and upholstery, hairdressing and manicure. Also, within the economic empowerment, "Medica" Zenica offers training for making handicrafts (jewelry, toys, crochet, traditional embroidery, etc.) as well as mastering the creative technique of decoupage.

Through economic empowerment in an innovative way, "Medica" Zenica offered economic and psychological empowerment of women in rural areas in the Zenica-Doboj Canton. Training graduates can exhibit their unique handicrafts in the Strengthened Miracle Corner "Medice". Handicrafts were created through hard work, effort and commitment of women both in the villages and in the educational center "Medice" Zenica. In addition to the above, in the Miracle Corner, citizens can get acquainted with "Medica" Zenica, its activities and services.

Within economic and psychosocial empowerment in the educational center "Medice" Zenica and rural areas in 2020, included in total 24 women (4 women - beneficiaries of the Safe House in the educational center "Medice" Zenica as part of occupational therapy and 20 women from the village of Ričice as part of attending the entire program of economic and psychosocial empowerment).