Our donors,

First of all – thank you!

“Medica” Zenica has been in operation for 27 years and has managed to provide the work of services intended for the most vulnerable categories of society – women and children victims of trauma and violence. In the past six years, “Medica” Zenica has opted for combined financing from international donations and public budgets, so as not to call into question any service that is intended for the most vulnerable categories, and pointed to the need to identify the most vulnerable categories. Nevertheless, every year we are in a position to wait for the answers of international donors for the funds applied and whether for the needs of the most vulnerable categories of women and children – victims of trauma and violence, the institutions have planned funds in their budgets. Year after year, the need for the existence of our services, as well as the field work, exists and is growing. The number of users / users who are contacting us is not decreasing – on the contrary, it is increasing.

This justifies and justifies the necessity of the existence of “Medica” Zenica, which, on the basis of many years of experience, offers complete support and protection to women and children, victims / survivors of trauma and violence, as well as men as part of therapeutic work in the psychological counseling center. Bearing in mind that the work and the action of “Medica” Zenica of general social interest, we are aware that it is necessary to make a joint effort in order to make services and services available to beneficiaries / beneficiaries – in the long run and sustainability. Recent experience shows that international donors are more willing to financially support non-governmental organizations, “Medica” Zenica, if it learns that they are followed by state institutions in BiH.

Thus from 2007 until today, “Medica” receives financial support from the City of Zenica, and since 2008, this example of good cooperation has been joined by the Zenica-Doboj Canton, as well as the Federal and State Ministries. So, your support will always be needed in order to respond more adequately to the needs of our users / users. Each, and even a small donation from private and other business donors to beneficiaries / users of services and services “Medica” Zenica is welcome and of great importance.

In anticipation of your understanding and appreciation of the needs of our users / beneficiaries, we would like to thank you for your trust and cooperation, with the cordial greetings from “Medica” Zenica!

-Donors “Medice” Zenica:

-Christlicher Friedensdienst cfd Switzerland

Foreign & Commonwealth Office (UK)

European Union Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina

UN WOMEN – Office in BiH

medica mondiale Germany

U.S. Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Abasade of the Kingdom of Norway in BiH

Turkey Agency for Cooperation and Coordination TIKA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway

Louis Leitz Stiftung Germany

King Baudouin Foundation and Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit – GIZ

Women’s World Day of Prayer Germany

US Department of State

Fellowship of the Least Coin

Ministry of Security of BiH

Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH

Federal Ministry of Education and Science

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

Zenica-Doboj Canton

-Ministry of Labor, Social Policy and Refugees of the ZDK

City Zenica

Municipality of Kakanj

Municipality of Vareš

Municipality Doboj Jug

Općina Olovo

Municipality of Maglaj

-NARKO – NO, Association for the Prevention of Addiction

Accounts to which you can donate funds “Medica” Zenica

User: Medica UG. Zenica

Bank: Raiffeisen banka d.d Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina, Branch Zenica

Bank address: Zmaja od Bosne bb

KM account number: 161-055-000-8240085

Foreign currency account: 533712000-525500004-3 (MB 15225)

IBAN CODE: BA391611550000133551