Drop in center “Medica” Zenica: Educational, therapy and creative work with children

Drop in center is a safe place for children where they respond adequately in order to help and solve the childrens’ problems, promote and protect their rights (safe accommodation, educational work, educational-creative workshops, basic needs, fresh meal, footwear, hygiene, provision of medical services within the existing “Medica” service in Zenica and in partnership with institutions and non-governmental organizations …) as well as work with parents and children through other “Medice” Zenica services that exist for 26 years.

What is the purpose of Drop in center and for whom is the center intended?

The purpose of Drop in center is to care, support, protection and integration of children up to 18 years old who live and work in the streets and/or are from high-risk groups as well as work with their parents and families.

1993 until the end of 2010, a total number of 1895 children took part in various activities of the children’s house of “Medica” Zenica (educational work, supportive and creative workshops, making awareness raising and promotional material, participation in public campaigns).

Children who stay in the children’s house “Medica” are children who directly or indirectly survived violence and trauma, children witness of violence and children who are at risk of being exposed to violence or exploited.  Apart from the regular program we created for children support-therapy work in safe environment whose goal is enabling children to acquire coping mechanisms for difficult situations, but also to learn to stand up for their rights and needs without hurting others

Children of “Medica” Zenica become active members of “Medica”, but also of the community through participation in and creation of activities that include children.

In 2008, 2009 and 2010 children in “Medica” implemented educational-creative peer workshops in nongovernmental organizations “Romano centro” Zenica, “Teachers without borders” Zenica and the public institution Dom porodica Zenica (local orphanage). In the past three years 344 children took part in these workshops.

The outcome of the children’s joint efforts is promotional material – calendar – created during the course of workshops which has been distributed on the occasion of the international campaign “16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence” and the “Human Rights Day” for the past three years.

Educational-creative workshops for children in rural areas

In 2010 “Medica” Zenica launched an initiative and organized 30 educational and creative workshops for children in 10 rural communities (Vrselje, Janjići, Babino, Vranduk, Tetovo, Arnauti, Nemila, Stranjani, Lokvine and Gorica). Educators from “Medica” Zenica, along with seven peer educators, 4 peer educators from the public home for children  “Dom i porodica” and 3 educators from “Medica” Zenica, conducted 3 workshops in each place, and the workshops were attended by a total of 794 children. Topics dealt with during the workshops were: children’s rights, communication, nonviolent conflict resolution and violence-prevention of violence.

In the past almost twenty-year period 757 children of different ages participated in the educational work and other activities in the children’s house “Medica” Zenica