The purpose of the Children's Day Center is to care for, support, protect and integrate children under the age of 18 who live and work on the streets and / or are from high-risk groups. Children's day center is a safe place where adequate and interventional response to help solve children's problems, promote and protect children's rights (safe accommodation, educational work, educational and creative workshops, meeting basic needs - fresh food, clothing, footwear, hygiene, and providing medical care within the existing services of "Medica" Zenica and in partnership with institutions, institutions and non-governmental organizations.

For our safe child, the "older brother, older sister" program also provides added value. In "Medica" Zenica you can make a friend for life and be an "older sister or brother".

By December 2020, 2200 children was part of the Children’s Day Center.

How can we become an older brother or sister?

Every year, "Medica" Zenica publishes an invitation for all interested persons aged 19-30 via notices at faculties and on the web and Facebook page of "Medica" Zenica.

To become an older brother or sister you need:

    • That you are between 19 and 30 years old
    • Ready for 20 hours of volunteer work per month
    • You want to be a friend to a child and thus give him beautiful, joyful and special moments in life, provide support and build a relationship of trust.

You can send applications throughout the school year to the email address

What are the benefits of volunteering in the “Older Brother, Older Sister” project?

    • Lifelong friendships
    • Education that prepares you for your role of "older brother, older sister"
    • Weekly socializing with the child for one year
    • Advisory meetings with experts in a group of volunteers, with the aim of providing support in working with children
    • Socializing with other children and volunteers through workshops and visits to cultural and sporting events
    • Certificate of volunteering in the project "Medice" Zenica - Older brother, older sister "if you volunteer for a minimum of 40 hours