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Training in skills for hairstyling, tailoring/sewing, and upholstering as well as using printing machine and  manicure. The training cycle lasts for 6 months of practical work. Upon finished training the trainees take a final exam and upon passing the exam they receive a certificate from the Employment office of Zenica Doboj about the skill acquired. The certificate is validated and recorded in the person's work card. Economic empowerment helps women restore safety, apply for jobs or work from their home and earn a living. Training and retraining program, and economic empowerment is intended for women and girls who have been through some form of traumatic or violent situations, or domestic violence. It is also for women who have been registered as unemployed at the Employment Agency for more than 10 years. In the past 20  years, Medica Zenica has enabled 962 women and girls to receive a state accredited certificate on vocational education.In 2012, 96  women and girls successfully completed vocational training programs. 44 of them  completed program sin educational center  in „Medica Zenica“, and 52 completed the training as part of outreach program in local communities (21 in Starina, 18 in Smajici and 13 in Kolici).

Economic empowerment in rural areas

In the period from 2009 to 2012  economic empowerment programs including educational psychosocial workshops were realized in ten local communities – Arnauti, Briznik, Lokvine and Vrselje, Babino, Begov Han and Orahovica, Smajici, Kolici and Starina  in cooperation with local community authorities. In the beginning of 2013 , new cycle of economic empowerment has started in 5 villages in the area of Zenica Doboj Canton (Serici, Vukotici, Bistrica, Begov Han and  Kovaci) as well as the cycle in educational center in „Medica“ Zenica.The program of economic empowerment, realized in 2009 , 2010  and 2011 for women and girls in rural areas, included a closing activity. Medica organized a ceremony where women and girls from Arnauti and Briznik, and the year after Vrselje and Briznik, were presented with certificates. of completion. The events were attended by representatives from Municipality of Zenica, Employment Agency Zenica, media representatives and Medica’s associates.

During 2011 and 2012, two presentations of the project „Sustainable responses to gender -based violence“ were held , also global campaign „16 days  of activism against gender based violence“ was marked together with beneficiaries oft his project , partners, friends and guests. Slogan oft he campaign was  “From peace in the home to peace in the world” . Presentation of project results of the project “Sustainable responses to gender -based violence“ was held on 8th of December in 2011  in hotel “Zenica”  and  on the 10th of December 2012 in hotel “Dubrovnik” in Zenica.Within presentations of the mentioned projects, two Fashion shows were  organized in order to present only small part of models that can be used in different occasions in spring, summer, fall and winter. Models wore empowered and educated participants of vocational trainings as well as the associates of “Medica” Zenica. Models were created thanks to hardworking participants of vocational trainings  for hairstyling, tailoring/sewing, and upholstering as well as using printing machine and  manicure in rural areas who were leaded by instructors of „Medica“ Zenica.



One of the examples of good cooperation and support in employment of women and girls is Medica’s partnership with the Cantonal Hospital Zenica, where in 2008 4 women, former beneficiaries of Medica, were hired. After finished courses in  2009, 2010 and  2011 local communities  Arnauti, Briznik, Lokvine , Vrselje ,Babino , Begov Han and Orahovica,  16 women and girls found jobs and about 70 of them started working at home and just as many are  able to make and mend clothes and furniture for  selling in the local communities and 62 women and girls started working for themselves and their family members.In order to create better opportunities for employment of women and girls as well as empowering women to become competitive workforce, “Medica” Zenica realises education in the field of life skills, writing CV, motivation letter, preparations for interview, rules of acting and dressing on public places, etc.