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"Medica" Zenica offers adequate shelter to women, girls and children, victims of violence during their recovery process. Being sheltered, besides being placed at safe, means provision of expert help through individual and/or group therapy work, counselling, family therapy, occupational therapy,medical care, legal help and economic empowerment through attending existing six-month vocational training courses. Care for children in the safe house is illustrated through provision of therapy work and enabling them to stay in Medica's kinder house where they are involved in education and upbringing processes.

During 2012 84 persons – 31 women and 53 children (27 boys and 26 girls) were accommodated in the Safe house „Medica“ Zenica. They were actively involved in educational work, attendance of educational-creative workshops with the themes of children rights, communication and non-violent ways of solving problems, violence against children, human trafficking etc.. Children,- beneficiaries of service in “Medica” Zenica participate in creating activities as well as in making educational-promotional materials and in marking significant dates in the field of social protection such as “Day for street children”, -“International Children's Day-Children's week”  “International day for children's rights”, “16 days of activism against gender based violence”, “Human rights day”, etc.  In 2011 and 2012 year , within campaign “16 days of activism against gender based violence” empowered children- beneficiaries of services in “Medica” Zenica participated in fashion shows organized with the aim of presenting results of economic empowerment that is being implemented in educational center of “Medica” Zenica  as well as in rural areas.  

In the period from 2008 to 2010, children accommodated in Safe house “Medica” Zenica realized educational-creative workshops for their peers in NGOs „Romano centro“ Zenica, „Učitelji bez granica“ Zenica i JU “Dom porodica” Zenica.  Children-peer educators of “Medica” Zenica within educational-creative peer workshops from mentioned organizations elaborated following topics: identifying violence, successful communication, non-violent conflict resolution, advocacy for children’s rights and the like. After that, children participated in marking the “16 days of Activism against gender based violence” and “Human Rights Day” with promotional material which represents children’s work on given topics during aforementioned workshops. In that way children become recognized actors in "Medica" but also in the community by participating in planning and designing activities for children.

"Medica" assists the clients accommodated in the safe house in making contact with relevant government agencies (police, Social Service center, judiciary, Prosecutor’s Office, Municipality administration and other institutions) and other non-governmental organizations for comprehensively exercising their rights and fulfilling their needs. Sometimes, this kind of mediation is continued even after their leave from the safe house, for example when they are trying to find a job or to fulfill some other needs and exercise their social and other rights. Sheltering women and children in safe house means provision of complete logistic care including occasional material support, which depends on "Medica" financial possibilities and not so often granted donations for such purposes.
If we carefully examine the reasons for accommodation of clients in Medica Zenica safe house we can see that in the first 10 years women and children turned to "Medica" for help because of war trauma, and in the last 10 years the most predominant reasons were:
•     Domestic violence, marital and family issues
•    Underage girls are accommodated due to sexual abuse and trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation
However, therapy work with clients shows a connection between war trauma and domestic violence and that trauma does not fit into a limited timeline.





Underage girls




War traumas (rape, family losses, refuge, returns)







Domestic violence, marital violence and family issues







Domestic violence, marital violence, family issues, victims of trafficking in human beings






Transgenerational transmission of trauma is already evident and is manifested through different forms of disturbed relationships and communication which accounts for the increase in recorded cases of violence: physical, psychological, sexual, economic...
During past 20 years, there was 1078 women and 855 children accommodated. Total amount of 1933 persons.
During 2012  “Medica” Zenica continued with providing help and support to women and children, victims of trauma and violence in the Safe house, crisis center and shelter for street children, where  84 persons (31 women and 53 children-27 boys and 26 girls) accommodated and supported through continued individual and group consulting and therapy work during 403 sessions.  From total amount of 403 sessions, there were 378 individual treatments and 25 group educational-therapy sessions.  

Education in schools
„Medica“ Zenica pays huge attention to education of children and in involving of children into educational system. As soon as they know that some children don t go to school, they inform The center for social work and cooperators of “Medica” Zenica regularly follow the invites for fast finishing of school programs and in cooperation with authorized institutions and parents suggest children who should be involved in the mentioned process
Children that go to school who are accommodated in "Medica" Zenica receive regular education in primary schools. "Medica" has in the course of the years provided and still provides support also to high school students through regular or part time education.
During their stay in "Medica", 105 students received secondary education, out of which 11 continued with higher education.
In 2012 „Medica“ Zenica together with Pedagogical institute Zenica mediated for 11 children beneficiaries (6 girls and 5 boys) to be involved in educational system. 5 of them (3 girls and 2 boys) continued with regular education and 6 children (3 girls and 3 boys) were involved into fast finishing of school education. Within fast finishing of school education, 5 children (3 girls and 2 boys) in the age of 10 to 16 years attended and finished first grade and one boy attended and finished sixth grade. „Medica“ Zenica provided all school supplies, necessary books, transport, financing of optional excursions, visit to cinema, theater, for the children that attended school.