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For almost 20 years Medica Zenica has been able to sustain the work of services intended for the most vulnerable categories of population. In the last six years, „Medica“ Zenica  decided to have combined  financing  from international supporters and  public budgets, so none oft he services that is planned for the most vulnerable categories  as well as to show the need of recognizing that categories. Nevertheless, every year we wait for responses from international donors regarding our project proposals and wait to see whether government budget plans include support to “Medica”.Demand for our services is evident and growing. The number of our beneficiaries is increasing.

This confirms and justifies our call and experience in providing all-encompassing support and protection of women and children, victims/survivors of trauma and violence, as well as men who have access to therapy in our psychological counseling center. Having in mind that the work of “Medica” Zenica concerns the general public, we are aware that it is imperative to put in joint efforts to enable sustainable access to “Medica’s” services for years to come. International donors are more willing to support civil society organizations, including “Medica” Zenica, if they know that BiH government agencies will do the same.
Since 2007 “Medica”  has been supported by the Municipality of Zenica, and in 2008 Zenica-Doboj Canton, as well as Federal and State ministries.

Nevertheless, your support will always be welcomed. Any kind of donation from private or other business entities will improve the work for needs of  our beneficiaries. In the light of this information, we would like to illustrate the support that “Medica” Zenica receives from the local community, in the words of the Mayor of Zenica Municipality, Mr. Husejin Smajlović, during a visit to “Medica” Zenica:
“It was not us who helped “Medica”; it was” Medica” that helped us...”

We thank you for your trust, support, and cooperation hoping that in the future you will continue to have understanding for the needs of our clients.

Donors of "Medica" Zenica: