Promotion of the book „1995-2015, Žena u politici u postdejtonskoj BiH“ PDF Print E-mail

On the 07th of December 2015, Sarajevo Open Center and „Medica“ Zenica organized promotion of the  book „1995-2015, Žena u politici u postdejtonskoj BiH“ from author Marina Veličković, Arijana Aganović and Edita Miftari, on the occassion of marking 20th Anniversary of signing the Dayton Agreement. The promotion was opened by Sabiha Husić, director of organization „Medica“ Zenica and after that the discussion was organized during which Sabiha Husić and Nermina Zaimović-Uzunović discussed about main BH women politicians, activists and events in the past 20 years and the discussion was moderated by Maida Zagorac, Sarajevo open center.