Safe house

“Medica” Zenica offers adequate shelter to women, girls and children, victims of violence during their recovery process. Being sheltered, besides being placed at safe, means provision of expert help through individual and/or group therapy work, counselling, family therapy, occupational therapy,medical care, legal help and economic empowerment through attending existing six-month vocational training courses. Care for children in the safe house is illustrated through provision of therapy work and enabling them to stay in Medica’s kinder house where they are involved in education and upbringing processes. A total number of persons accomodated in safe house “Medica” Zenica in the period from April 1993 to end of June 2018 is 2 193.

During the period January-June 2018, 84 persons – 21 persons (11 women and 10 children – 5 girls and 5 boys)  were accommodated in the Safe house „Medica“ Zenica. A total of 173 individual therapy sessions were held with them as well as 8 group educational-supportive workshops with women. They were provided with 8 legal advice, 71 medical interventions, 5 medical educations through 10 sessions about personal hygiene and health care as well as 23 individual conversation on personal hygiene, space hygiene, taking care about child, personal health, etc.

They were actively involved in educational work, attendance of educational-creative workshops with the themes of children rights, communication and non-violent ways of solving problems, violence against children, human trafficking etc. Children,- beneficiaries of service in “Medica” Zenica participate in creating activities as well as in making educational-promotional materials and in marking significant dates in the field of social protection such as “Day for street children”, -“International Children’s Day-Children’s week”  “International day for children’s rights”, “16 days of activism against gender based violence”, “Human rights day”, etc.  In 2011 and 2012 year , within campaign “16 days of activism against gender based violence” empowered children- beneficiaries of services in “Medica” Zenica participated in fashion shows organized with the aim of presenting results of economic empowerment that is being implemented in educational center of “Medica” Zenica  as well as in rural areas